Vendor Spotlight – Studio Motion Films

July 9, 2020

Over the years, the Magnolia Venue has had the privilege of working with some great, professional vendors who bring nothing short of excellence to their work. A wedding without a team of vendors is all but an impossible task now, and today, we feature one of the best of them in our vendor spotlight series. They are called Studio Motion Films, an excellent company that has thus far worked with over 150 couples.

  • Are they compared to photography companies? 

Without any attempt to undermine photographers, who are very important at weddings, there is a big difference between the two. Pictures speak a thousand words; films tell why the words are spoken.

Couples demand for films because that is the only opportunity they have to see and relive all that happened at their weddings. Couples obviously won’t be bale to see everything that happens at reception or church, and that’s one reason the videographer is there.

Studio Motion Films capture all these moments so the couples never have to miss anything. They help create memorable wedding films and because of the number of couples they’ve worked with, they have the skill and experience to create cinematic moments that reflect the values of every new couple they work for. They have over 200 weddings under their belt and are aiming to cover more. 

  • What happens when they can’t meet deadlines? 

They communicate exactly 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time by making a call to either of the couple. In addition, they send a preview of the wedding film and any other gift the couple will appreciate as they put final touches to the film. 

  • What’s their greatest motivation about wedding films?

Couples have an innate desire to reflect on the bond they share and their love story. Studio Motion Films want to be part of the people that tell these stories by capturing the emotions, expressions and moments at the weddings. 

  • What helps them make great movies – passion or creativity?

Passion and talent are necessary but they are not enough. Studio Motion Films’ work is fueled by passion but engages creativity, technical expertise, and teamwork at different film-making points. All of this works together for telling lovely stories for couples. 

If you want a visual idea of what they’rt capable of, have a look at these amazing videos! Kayle & Pj’s wedding highlights ( and Silzie and Cristhian’s wedding ( at the amazing Magnolia Venue!

With Studio Motion to capture your wedding, you’ll need a magnificent venue to set the perfect background, won’t you? The Magnolia Venue is exactly that. Our venue is beauty and elegance personified. Come see us at 1120 Eagle Pointe Way, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee or browse through our website,, to see who we are and why we excel at making weddings so special!

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