Vendor Spotlight – Rosa’s Catering

June 29, 2020

A wedding without a caterer is little more than a gathering of friends and family. In other words, your wedding caterer is integral to the success of your wedding. Your guests want to dance, take pictures, and be merry with you, but your guests should never be in need of food or, in the worst-case scenario, be hungry. They should never have a bad experience with the food at your wedding.

With a professional catering company like Rosa’s Catering, we can guarantee you that your wedding will be an event talked about for a long time to come simply because the food was remarkably delectable. This is not hype; just a simple fact. 

We met with one of the Chefs at Rosa’s catering and learned much about them. Our vendor spotlight series focuses on Rosa’s Catering this week. They took us through their 45 years journey as a top catering service in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • How Many wedding events do they cater for each year? 

They cater for about 60 weddings in a year, though they could do more. The need for excellence and because they don’t fancy overworking their chefs and delivery men stop them from catering for more weddings. Thus, they have a standard number of weddings they cater for monthly-the number could go up during the spring. 

  • Do they work with a preset menu or they accommodate custom menus?

They have a preset menu list that accommodates 120 guests at the wedding. However, they do custom menus and they tailor cuisines to suit client preference. And in situations where the client has a set budget, they try a mix of their standard menu and the client’s preference.

  • How do they source ingredients and food resources? 

They have teams of vendors that they have been working with for several years now.  These vendors know the nature of their jobs and they understand why it’s imperative they always serve fresh food.  Rosa’s Catering has had to contact a few vendors due to dietary restrictions and when clients make changes to the menu. They are also considering ownership of a farm and have started testing their own ingredients, though all of these are still in the early stages.

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