Vendor Spotlight – JOPHOTO

June 25, 2020

Photographers tell your wedding stories from an ‘angle’ no one else can see. Once the couple sees their wedding photographs, it’s always a moment of awe, there’s always a feeling of warmth, and pride is always thick in their eyes.

From when the bride walks into the church with her father to the toast by the best man and the DJs getting everyone on their feet, professional photographers excel at capturing such beautiful moments. They preserve these cherished and wonderful memories for you now and always.

We recently had a chat with JOPHOTO, wedding photographers from Knoxville, on why they think every wedding should have a photographer. JOPHOTO, headed Joe and Kathleen, is the focus of the week in our vendor spotlight series.

  • Why does JOPHOTO think every wedding should have a photographer?

Being wedding photographers for 13 years and counting, they have made some valid points on why photographers at weddings is a simple necessity. For one, photographers help the couple relish beautiful moments from their best day. Wedding pictures are also mediums that preserve the love and happiness couples celebrate on their wedding day. These pictures have rekindled flames of love in even marriages that are several decades old.

  • Why do so many couples prefer JOPHOTO over other professional photographers?

A wedding is a day both and the bride and groom have never experienced, and they always want to look fabulous. JOPHOTO is adept at doing exactly this, and it’s more than evident in the photographs they take. Couples see these pictures and they notice this unique skill, and it immediately becomes apparent that not all photographers have it. In Joe and Kathleen’s own words, “It’s all about capturing your wedding day in an authentic way, creating timeless photos filled with emotion and beauty”. This is the prime reason why couples always seek and secure JOPHOTO’s services.

  • Can they shoot at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Yes, they are licensed to shoot there, and it’s always a choice destination for many a couple. The beauty, as well as exoticism of the place, makes it perfect for photographs. And it’s more than a great destination for elopements, mountain weddings, and photo sessions.

Once you’re done securing a wedding a photographer, reach out to us at the Magnolia Venue to host your wedding. Our exquisite venues flow with any kind of wedding, small or grand. We have everything you could need for a truly wonderful wedding ceremony.

The Magnolia Venue is located at 1120 Eagle Pointe Way, Pigeon Forge, and remains a favorite of many a couple for classy celebrations and grand wedding ceremonies.

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