Vendor Spotlight – Echelon Florist

March 9, 2021

Echelon Florist at The Magnolia
Photo by Miss Riss Photography

Vendor Spotlight – Echelon Florist

Flowers are a key element at any wedding. At a wedding, you will see flowers in bouquets and boutonnieres to wedding arbors and table centerpieces. Flowers add color, texture, and fragrance. They also set the theme or mood for a wedding. Brides and grooms can use flowers to make a beautiful statement, a colorful event, and elegance with simple expressions.

One of our preferred florists, Matt of Echelon Florist, knows no limit when it comes to creating stunning floral arrangements for our wedding couples. Matt and his creative artistry can customize flowers that bring a wedding couple’s style to life. Millicent says it best: “Matt and his team at Echelon not only provide great service & beautiful floral design for our couples, but he’s been a dedicated, team player as a vendor partner. We absolutely love working with them!”

Echelon Florist at The Magnolia Venue
Photo by Magnolia + Ember

How long have you been in business as a florist and how did you get started out?

Echelon Florist is a family business that Laura and Andy Smith bought from the original owner in 1994.  We have been a full-service flower shop since then. 

Echelon Florist at The Magnolia Venue in Tennessee
Photo by Linkes Photography

What do you love most about being a florist?

It is a privilege to be involved in highlighting the important moments of our client’s lives.  Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday, a new baby or any other occasion flowers are the perfect way to enhance the importance of the day.

Echelon Florist at The Magnolia Wedding Venue
Photo by Meredith Ward Photography

What are you seeing as the current trend(s) for 2021 and beyond?

The current trends Geometric shapes, asymmetrical design elements, and either earth tones or burgundy, blush, and navy.  Future trends are hard to pinpoint currently but it looks like we may be headed for more color options in the next few years.  Think coral, magenta, purple, yellow, and orange jewel tones.   

Echelon Florist at The Magnolia Wedding Venue in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Photo by Linkes Photography

What do you like about working at The Magnolia Venue?

It is very interesting to hear the story of why the couples chose to get married at the Magnolia.  They are from all over the country and most of them realize what we already know.  East Tennessee is where it’s at and there is nothing more beautiful than The Great Smoky Mountains.  We may be biased just a little!

Echelon Florist is a Smoky Mountain Florist
Photo by Magnolia + Ember

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