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Unforgettable Wedding Arch Ideas

Unforgettable Wedding Arch Ideas

Unforgettable Wedding Arch Ideas

A wedding arch or wedding arbor creates a focal point for a wedding ceremony. It creates a space within the ceremony that is purely for the wedding couple. Plus, this statement-making piece makes for a stunning backdrop for photos too. 

Many of our wedding couples have chosen everything from a traditional wedding arbor to our railing as a focal point. Floral arches remain popular with many of the brides and grooms. Here at The Magnolia, we have witnessed many creative ways to match their wedding vision to any style arch or arbor. 

There are no rules for creating the perfect ceremony location using inspiration from color palette, theme, or season. Couples can even get creative with different fabrics, florals, and textures. Whether the wedding theme is whimsical, classic, or DIY, there’s a style and design that’s right for any couple at our mountain wedding venue. Some couples even chose to use our railing to allow for the most natural background of all — The Great Smoky Mountains.  

Triangle Wedding Arch

Triangle wedding arches are a versatile ceremony backdrop idea. This type of arbor can be a mix of modern meets bohemian meets rustic. This geometric arbor is a favorite for couples with a boho wedding theme who adorn the triangle arbor with pampas grass, feathers, dried flowers, or foliage.

Triangle Wedding Arbor
Photo: Finding Eden Photo | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Triangle Wedding Arch
Photo: JoPhoto | Florals: Margaret Claire Weddings
Triangle Wedding Arches
Photo: Summer Simmons Photo | Arch: Marsh Made Design | Floral: Thistle and Lace
Triangle Wedding Arbor overlooking mountains
Photo: Ashlyn Cathey | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs | Arbor: Marsh Made Design

Circle Wedding Arch

The circle symbolizes unity, wholeness, and oneness. It’s no wonder that this shape is used in ceremony backdrop decor. From romantic to modern, the circle wedding arch can be styled to suit just about every type of wedding.

Circle Wedding Arch
Photo: Juicebeats Photography | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Circle Arch for Ceremony
Photo: Tonya Damron Photography | Florals: Echelon Florist
Floating Circle Arch for Wedding Ceremony
Photo: JoPhoto | Florals: Echelon Florist

Hexagon Ceremony Arch

Geometric elements are the hallmark of a modern wedding. A hexagon ceremony backdrop is sophisticated, and adding understated accents with florals and greenery make a prominent focal point. 

Hexagon Wedding Arch
Photo: JoPhoto | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs | Florals: Agape Bloom Designs
Unforgettable Wedding Arch Ideas
Photo: Mackenzie Alexa Photography | Arbor: Marsh Made Design
Photo: T&K Photography | Florals: Echelon Florist | Arbor: Marsh Made Design

Traditional Wedding Arch

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Photo: Danielle Evans Photography | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Photo: Magnolia + Ember | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Traditional Wedding Arch Ideas
Photo: Juicebeats Photography

Natural Wedding Arch

The best wedding arch at our wedding venue is The Great Smoky Mountains. Many brides and groom dress the bannister with elegant floral arrangements that highlight the view that Mother Nature created. 

Photo: Erin Morrison Photography | Florals: Echelon Florist
Photo: Chasing Lux Photo | Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Photo: Michelle Lea Photographie

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