Top Photos With Your Bridesmaids

February 23, 2021

Photo by Michelle Lea Photographie

Top Photos With Your Bridesmaids

Is your wedding Pinterest board full of photos? We are sure there are countless photos you want to take on your wedding day. From getting ready, the ceremony, family photos, and of course, photos with your spouse. But what about the women who stand next to you at the altar? These ladies have helped throughout the entire wedding planning process. And isn’t it only fitting to snag some epic photos with them?

Below you will find some of the top photos with your bridesmaids that you definitely need on your wedding day!

Hands Up!

It’s sassy, cute, and lively! This bridesmaid photo offers a fresh take on a classic bridesmaid stance.

Unique and Fun Bridesmaid Photos on a Wedding Day
Photo by Ashlyn Cathey

The Walk

Whether it’s a walk down our Knoll or a walk to the alter, this precious moment transforms ordinary to special. And right beside you is the friends who helped you get through it all!

Photo by Leah Nicole Photo

Champagne, Please!

You’re getting married! There is bound to be a bottle or two of champagne being opened in your honor. Take a minute to pause as you toast away your single life!

Photo by T&K Photography

Who’s Hungry?

One of the golden rules on a wedding day is to eat! What better way to snack on a wedding day than with your girls?

Fun bridesmaid photos with tacos
Photo by Chasing Lux Photo


There is close, and then there is really close. Show your ladies how much they mean to you by capturing a simple squeeze.

close bride and bridesmaid photo
Photo by JoPhoto


As you are getting ready, your nerves may be a little on edge. What better way to let go of some of that energy than to dance?!

Photo by T&K Photography

The Chat

Sometimes, there isn’t any fun in being perfectly composed. A photo of the in-between-moments shows affection between you and your best friends.

Photo by Chasing Lux Photo

Holding Hands

This simplistic gesture symbolizes that your bridesmaids are by your side through the good times and the bad. It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

bride and bridesmaids holding hands
Photo by Katie Hannah Photo

Over The Shoulder

This photo says that you are a queen! What better way to show off bridesmaid’s dresses and your beautiful bridal look?

bride looking over her shoulder with bridesmaids
Photo by Linkes Photography

All of these photos were taken here at our mountain top wedding venue in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We can’t wait for you, your spouse, and your bridesmaids to visit us. Contact us today and let’s start planning your wedding day.

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