Perfectly Unforgettable Wedding Exit Ideas

April 23, 2021

Photo by John Myers Photography

Perfectly Unforgettable Wedding Exit Ideas

When planning a wedding, many details need attention. One of the most important details that should never get overlooked is the grand wedding exit. Wedding exit ideas can consist of anything from the your classic send-off’s to more personal ideas specific to the bride and groom. If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind wedding exit idea to cap off your wedding day, you have come to the right place! Here are our approved wedding exit ideas!

Rally Towels

Everyone needs a hype girl, right? How about a whole hype team? Line your guests up at the end of the night with rally towels and let them hoot and holler as you leave your wedding. Cheering into your marriage sounds like a great way to exit a wedding.

Ribbon Wand Wedding Exit Ideas
Photo by Kelsey Shea Photography

Ribbon Wands

If you are a DIY bride looking for an adorable send-off idea, ribbon wands are it! You can customize them to your wedding colors. And just like wedding bells, they make a super cute party favor for your guests to take with them.

Smoke Bombs

Bring the drama! Named the “hottest wedding photo trend” by the Huffington Post, smoke bombs are dramatic! Smoke bombs are also a photo-worthy wedding exit idea we won’t get tired of anytime soon.


Just down the road from our wedding venue is The University of Tennessee! We know that all UT fans love to wave the poms of orange and white. Why not bring that fun atmosphere to your wedding? Not a Volunteer fan? Tailor the color of your pom-poms to your alma mater or favorite sports team.

Tambourine Wedding Exit Ideas
Photo by Emily Wehner Photography

Make It Musical

Wanna make a little noise? Provide your guests with musical instruments for a loud wedding exit idea. Harmonicas, kazoos, tambourines, maracas, and bells are all great options for a raucous exit.

Wedding Bells

We may not be at church up here at our mountain wedding venue, but you can feel like it with this classic wedding exit. Reminiscent of traditional wedding bells, a wedding bell exit is an enjoyable experience. The best part? Bells can double as a wedding party favor! Adorn the bells with ribbons in your wedding colors or add personalized tags for each of your guests.


Balloons are an excellent option for daytime wedding exits. If you have a joyful wedding theme, brightly colored balloons will only add to the festivities. We suggest tying them to each of your guests’ wrists to make sure that they don’t fly away! We want to make sure that balloons don’t land in our coveted National Park.

Glow Stick Wedding Exit Ideas
Photo by Katie Hannah Photo

Glow Sticks

Take those glow sticks from the dance floor to the wedding send-off! This bright and playful option is a fun way to light up your exit during an evening wedding. There are plenty of options for this wedding exit idea; guests can wave wands, wear playful sunglasses, or create necklaces and bracelets. The possibilities are endless.

Flower Petals

One word: romantic! If you are a romantic at heart, you cannot go wrong with flower petals for your send-off. You can easily customize this classic wedding staple to your taste and budget. Think deep red petals for a winter wedding theme or light pink petals for your spring wedding day!

Spirit Tunnel Wedding Exit Ideas
Photo by T&K Photography

Spirit Tunnel

Do you have a rockin’ wedding party? Another great daytime wedding exit idea is a simple idea: a spirit tunnel! Line up all your friends and run through as many times as you want. The smiles on your face will be captured for eternity!

Cell Phones

What is one option that most of your guests already have in their pockets? A cell phone! Cell phones are a budget-friendly and easy option for any bride and groom. And it creates dramatic wedding photos you will keep forever.

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