Joyful Jewish Wedding Overlooking The Great Outdoors

Joyful Jewish Wedding Overlooking The Great Outdoors | The Magnolia Venue

Joyful Jewish Wedding Overlooking The Great Outdoors

As we made out way through the wedding gallery of Danielle and Drew, we couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming joy in our hearts. Honestly, we didn’t want the gallery to end! This Jewish wedding is the epitome of the coming together of two families and celebrating in a time of pure happiness.

Danielle and Drew reclaimed every corner of our mountain wedding venue to create and unique and memorable wedding with the help of designer Kinzie of I Do…Weddings and planner Rachel Glazer. Our Grand Hall transformed into a chic space for The B’deken, where Danielle and Drew were each other for the first time. The pavilion was the perfect place for the signing of the Ketubah, and our ceremony decked housed the most beautiful of Huppahs.

Jewish Wedding Traditions

We hope this wedding will have you screaming “Mazel Tov!” If you want to learn more about Jewish weddings and traditions, keep reading below! If you are interested in making our wedding venue your forever wedding home, please contact us today!

Mazel Tov

Even if you don’t practice the Jewish faith, you may have heard this phrase. Mazel Tov is used as “congratulations,” but it means “good fortune,” which is a lovely wish for a new couple at the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony.

The Ketubah and The Ketubah Signing

The Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. It is signed by the groom, the rabbi, and two male witnesses. In Reform and Conservative congregations, the bride may also sign the Ketubah. Femail witnesses can add additional lines. The Ketubah belongs solely to the bride. It is hers to keep as proof of her rights and the groom’s responsibilities.

The B'deken

The first time a bride and groom see each other in an Orthodox wedding is during the b’deken. Also known as the veiling of the bride. All the men (including both fathers) lead the groom to the bride’s room. This is where both mothers and all the women surround her. The groom lowers the veil over her face, setting her apart from everyone else and indicating that he is solely interested in her inner beauty. 

The Huppah

The Huppah is known as the wedding canopy. It dates back to the tent-dwelling Jewish nomadic days. Historically, Jewish wedding ceremonies were held outdoors, and the Huppah created an intimate, sanctified space. There are no formal requirements for its size, shape, or appearance. Therefore, couples can create a Huppah that is unique to them.

Breaking of the Glass

Nothing says “Jewish wedding” more than the sound of breaking glass. But what’s the point? Depending on whom you ask, the breaking of the wineglass is, among other things:

  • A symbol of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • A representation of the fragility of human relationships.
  • A reminder that marriage changes the lives of individuals forever.

It’s also the official signal to shout, “Mazel Tov!” and the start of the party! 

The Hora

The traditional hora, or chair dance, is the highlight of a Jewish wedding reception. The wedding couple is lifted above the crowd on chairs while guests sing “Hava Nagila.”

Birkat Hamazon

The last of the Jewish wedding rituals is the Birkat Hamazon, which is a blessing. This blessing is recited by the guests, often with booklets handed out. The seven wedding blessings are repeated. At the end, the person leading the blessing honors the wine, then pours wine from two cups into one. That person then drinks from the original cup and hands the other two cups to the newlyweds to drink.

Jewish Wedding
wedding dress hanging in trees and wedding invitation by bouquet
wedding reception decor at Jewish Wedding overlooking the Smoky Mountains
vintage wedding decorations at Jewish Wedding at The Magnolia Venue
wedding decorations at Jewish wedding at The Magnolia Venue
Huppah Jewish Wedding Canopy
bride in unique wedding dress with fringe
fun family photos and mother of the groom pinning on boutonniere
The Ketubah Signing at wedding
The Ketubah Signing at wedding
The B'deken at Jewish Wedding
The B'deken at Jewish Wedding at Smoky Mountain Wedding Venue
The B'deken between bride and groom
The B'deken with Jewish Men
The B'deken at Jewish Wedding Ceremony
The B'deken between bride and groom at Jewish Wedding
The B'deken at Jewish Wedding
The B'deken at The Magnolia Venue
groom arriving at Jewish Wedding
bride arriving at Jewish Wedding Ceremony
bride and groom standing under Jewish Wedding Canopy
Joyful Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Jewish wedding ceremony and sipping wine
exchanging of rings under Huppah at ceremony
Jewish wedding ceremony under white Huppah
Joyful Jewish Wedding Overlooking The Great Outdoors
Mozel Tov! at Jewish Wedding
Joyful Jewish Wedding Overlooking The Great Outdoors
bride and groom dancing under white Huppah
bride and groom walk in forest surrounded by wedding veil
bride and groom stand at woodland wedding venue
couple photos at golden hour at Jewish wedding
bride and groom walk past each other overlooking mountains
bride and groom show off wedding rings
Joyful Jewish Wedding Overlooking The Great Outdoors | The Magnolia Venue
bride and groom entering wedding reception
joyful wedding reception at Jewish wedding
circle dancing at Jewish Wedding Reception
circle dancing at Jewish Wedding Reception
circle dancing at Jewish Wedding Reception
The Hora Chair Dance
The Hora Chair Dance
The Hora Chair Dance
celebrating at a Jewish Wedding Reception
jewish wedding reception
groom signs at wedding reception
bride celebrates at Jewish Wedding Reception
bride and groom hug at wedding reception
small wedding cake at Jewish wedding
bride and groom cut the cake and make toast
bride and groom sit at head table listening to toasts
bride and groom sit at head table listening to toasts
Birkat Hamazon
Birkat Hamazon
Huppah at wedding ceremony

Photographer: Kelsey Shea Photography | Design: Kenzie with I Do…Weddings | Planning: Rachel Glazer | Catering: EB Catering | Violinist: Mendel Kugel | Bluegrass Band: Midnight Run |Keyboard: Toovia | Bartending: Single Barrel Events | Florals: Vintage Floral Design | Videographer: Red Tail Cinema | Livestream: Lovestream | Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals & Sisters Vintage Rentals | Makeup: Effortless Beauty | Hair Stylist: Knoxville Bridal Hair

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