How to Secure the Perfect Wedding Photographer

May 19, 2020

When it comes to all the things that you need to book before a wedding, yes you want the cake to be delicious, yes it’d be nice if the flowers were the right shade of cream, but we think that choosing a photographer who perfectly captures all of the personal moments that you experience on one of the most important days of your life is probably the key thing to get right. 

It’s a pretty nerve-wracking task though, right? The internet is absolutely chocka with different photographers, who all say they’re great. So we’ve created a handy list of key questions to keep in the back of your mind as you narrow down your search and go about trying to find the perfect wedding photographer. 

  • Ask for their portfolio to see if their style is what you want. Every photographer has their own style and so will each photograph in a unique way. So take a thorough look at their profile and find the photographer who’s individual style is your favorite.
  • Ask the photographer if they’re familiar with the location. If they’ve never been to your planned venue before, then why not invite them to come along to the rehearsal ceremony. Photographers work better when they’re familiar with the environment. 
  • Check that you actually like them! If you’re considering hiring a photographer, get to know them a bit better first. They should be a well-rounded person who is passionate about their art and so is genuinely excited by the prospect of being able to work for you. 
  • Check their rates. See how much they are charging for a variety of different shots and options, and that this is in your budget. Don’t be afraid to say if it’s too expensive for you. 
  • Take your time to chat to your top potential photographers. Really get to know what they can do and the ideas that they have. 
  • It’s worth investing a bit of time into having a few discussions with them, to make it 100% clear to them exactly what you want. Then, ask them what ideas they have for different photographs that they could provide you with. This could include visiting other extra locations that they can recommend nearby or ideas for staged shots that they’ve found have worked particularly well in the past.  
  • Ask them for reviews and testimonials. Don’t go with someone who isn’t trusted or doesn’t want to show you reviews from previous clients. They might have a bad reputation, or just simply be too inexperienced for you. 
  • Ask them what their USP is, or what they do differently to all the other photographers out there. This might also be a great opportunity for you to plan some special shots that you could stage on the day.  

At The Magnolia Venue, we’re a luxury wedding venue set above Pigeon Forge, with stunning views of the Smoky Mountains. Our family-run venue provides the perfect location for your wedding day, because our family values are at the very heart of everything we do. We’re not a big faceless company, we’re a bubbly family ourselves, and so we will work with you personally, to provide you with an especially tailored service and help make your day everything that you hoped it would be. 

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