How to Organize Your Wedding Planning Notebook

May 26, 2020

When it comes to organizing a wedding, the main thing that can make it such a challenge is the simple fact that there are just so many elements to sort! Although on some days you’ll be on a roll with the planning, on other days it’s easy to let this all get on top of us a little bit.

It’s only normal to find organizing a wedding a bit of a challenge, (especially when you have that lingering pressure of wanting to make sure that it all goes off absolutely perfectly). There’s lots of fantastic techniques that you can use to make this task a lot easier for yourself, and our personal favorite is making the most out of your wedding planning notebook. This trusty tool is a key way to keep you organized and so it’s worth spending a bit of time thinking about how you can lay it out. So without further ado, here are our guidelines for how we’d recommend going about organizing your wedding planning notebook.

  • Buy a pretty notebook 

First things first, if you’re planning a wedding you’ll most likely be using the notebook for a good few months. So make the notebook (or a big ring binder folder, if you prefer) one that you enjoy using. It’s a psychological thing, but if you feel like the notebook is attractive and inviting, you’ll enjoy taking notes in it more. 

  • Key sections

Split up the different types of your notes into different sections, so that they’re all easy to find. These sections can include areas dedicated to the decoration, invitations, guest list, food and drink catering, cake, makeup and dress, favors, photographer and anything else that you’d find helpful. Then, use different techniques like highlighting, bookmarking key pages with sticky notes and bullet point listing to keep your notes organized in ways that suit you. 

  • Have a checklist 

Using a big checklist that covers all of your wedding planning will help you to keep an eye on the progress of all of the different stages. Within this you could also have deadlines for when you need to have achieved certain key things by.

  • Keep a section for Wedding inspo

This is a fun one! Keep a section dedicated to different things like pictures, ideas, as a list to jot down ideas or bits of inspiration whenever it comes to you. So that, when you have a lightbulb moment, you can quickly jot it down in your notebook in an organized way. 

To help you keep on top of your organisation further, a lot of professional wedding planners provide their clients with a planning guide (often known as a “bride guide”) that provides the perfect handy helper for keeping your wedding planning firmly on track.

At The Magnolia Venue, we work closely with all of our clients to make sure that they feel comfortable and in control of the progress of their wedding planning. Not only are we a sophisticated, glamorous wedding venue set above Pigeon Forge, the fact that our venue is family-run means that we aren’t a big impersonal company, so we will work with you on a personal level, to bring your dream wedding to life. 

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