5 Details You Shouldn’t Share Before Your Wedding Day

June 30, 2020

Planning a wedding can be extremely exciting, especially for the bride-to-be, and it’s natural that you might find it difficult to keep your lips sealed over important details of your big day. Hiding some neat details about your wedding will keep your guests curious and hype up the big day. They’ll keep making guesses about what’s to come, which itself is as amusing as it is fun. If something like this catches your fancy, written out below are some things you should save for the big day. 

  • Outfit 

You want your guests to be stunned when they see your wedding dress, don’t you? You want all eyes on you when you arrive at the reception, no? Well then don’t show anybody the dress! It is understandable that you might be tempted to send pictures to your friends on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other social media platform, but rei in your excitement. Keeping your friends in the dark fuels their curiosity. Just what does her dress look like!?

  • Decorations

Your friends and family shouldn’t know all the details about your wedding décor too. They should not even have a peep into how the venue has been designed and how your decorator spruced up the theme. Resist the urge to share details of table linens, arrangements, and how guests will make an entrance when the hour finally approaches.

  • First Dance Song 

As a couple, you’ve probably spent a lot of time rehearsing your first dance song-perhaps even taking dance lessons. Telling people which song you’ve decided upon could yield negative comments and expressions of doubt on the choice of the song. Some might even claim it’s not good enough for your big day. If they don’t like your choice at the reception, it’s ok, but what’s important here is you both like the song and are happy with it. Have a good time with your partner and enjoy every lyric of the song.

  • Opening Speech 

Recently, we had a bride who said she shared the name of who’ll give the opening speech and the structure with her bridal team. During the wedding reception, more than 40 people recited the wordings while other guests didn’t pay attention because they already knew the wording of the speech. Needless to say, neither the bride nor groom was happy about it,

Think of the opening speech as something very sacred, and the speech giver should remain anonymous until the time has come for him or her to speak. It will make the speech more special and your guests will pay as much attention as you hope they will. 

  • Surprises

It’s called ‘surprise’ for a reason, so we don’t really need to say much here. If you plan on doing any games, trivia, or other fun activities like hiring a drone or erecting a photo booth, keep mum about it. Don’t tell even the best man and bridesmaid, but maybe the MC needs to be let in on it because he’ll be anchoring the event, of course. 

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