4 Tips for Planning a Wedding with a Long-Distance Fiancé

July 22, 2020

What are the first things that come to your mind when you get engaged to the man of your dreams? Ideas about how the wedding will play out, all the fun to be had, and wonderful thoughts about the life you’ll both live come flooding in, don’t they? We couldn’t be happier for you.

But what do you do when your fiancé is not with you at the moment, meaning you’re left to handle most of the wedding planning on your own? We’ll help you out. Here are 4 things to do when planning a wedding with a long-distance fiancé.

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  • Get his opinion

You must remember that his opinion still counts even when he is miles away. Keep him posted on appointments, reach out to him on the choices you are making, and discuss many aspects of the planning just like you would have done had the two of you been together. Don’t assume you know what he likes when you have not had a discussion with him. 

  • Rely on close associates 

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of stress and now there is the added stress of your fiancé being away. Surround yourself with close friends or loved ones who can help you relieve all that stress. Whether it’s your mother, colleague, or little brother, make sure you’re having fun as you meet vendors and make purchases.

  • Daydream

It’s perfectly fine to reminisce on the fond memories you once shared with your fiancé. Look back at the first time he said you were beautiful or when he surprised you with a box of chocolates at your office or any moment that held special meaning for you. These will get you smiling and help stave away stress.

  • Express your love daily 

It could be a Telegram message early in the morning or simple text as you prepare for lunch. Fill your day by exchanging sweet messages. You can also FaceTime or schedule a video call. This will keep your relationship healthy as you look forward to spending the rest of your days together. 

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