4 People That Should Give a Speech at Your Wedding

July 16, 2020

Many people will be willing and even eager to give the wedding speech on your big day: Your brother, office mate, your father, and a long list of other individuals who mean everything to you. The only problem here is they can’t all possibly give speeches, so you have to narrow down the list. Here are 4 people that, if you had to choose, should be the ones to share your story on a day so wonderful and exciting.

  • Parents 

It is only natural for parents to kick off the wedding reception with a few words as they will be playing host to the wedding. They will have endless, amazing words for you as their source of joy, hope, and strength. Their speech will be long, emotional, and sentimental.

  • Best Man

The best man speech has become customary at weddings. Some parents can’t give a speech because they get too emotional and, sometimes, that’s when the best man steps in. He sings all the praises of the groom and his newly wedded bride and will ask the guests to raise a glass to the couple’s wonderful future.

  • Maid of Honor 

Like the best man, the maid of honor can also give the wedding speech. Obviously, she’ll be able to share a few great stories while congratulating the new couple. The maid of honor has definitely earned her moment to give the speech because, in all likelihood, she’s the closest friend the bride has in attendance. Her speech will be short and sweet.

  • The Couple 

Not all couples give a speech on their big day but when they do, it’s usually to give a shout out to all the people who contributed in making the wedding a success. The best man or maid of honor might omit a few details when giving a speech but the couple often mentions all those who deserve to be mentioned.

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