Shuttle Services provided by Elite Event Services


The Road – Access to the Magnolia is achieved via a two-way, single lane road. It is important that we limit the number of guest vehicles on the road as much as possible on the day of an event. Multiple vehicles on the road can cause lengthy delays in service and disrupt efficiency. Wedding parties should limit, where possible, the number of vehicles at the venue to three or fewer.



Parking – Another reason to limit guest vehicles is that there is very limited parking available at the venue. There is room for 8-10 vehicles to park safely. Please keep in mind that the majority of available parking will be utilized by vendors: wedding planner, caterer, DJ, bartender, etc. 


Pick up/Drop Off –Our shuttle service pride’s itself on our ability to customize shuttle schedules to meet our client’s needs. The majority of our clients choose to utilize the large gravel parking lot at Smoky Mountain Zipline, 509 Mill Creek Rd., Pigeon Forge for guest parking. However, we are also capable of designing shuttle schedules servicing the cabins of Parkside Resort, other nearby cabins, and even hotels on the Parkway. 



The Contract – Once the shuttle schedule has been completed to the satisfaction of the client, a final contract will be drawn and emailed. This contract provides a detailed description of services provided, an itemized listing of costs associated with shuttle service, and an opportunity for the client to choose their preferred payment method. Clients may complete and sign the contract electronically and return by email. We must receive the completed contract at least one week prior to the event date.


Scheduling – Our Shuttle Logistics Manager, Tony, will personally contact each bride/groom/client approximately 4-6 weeks prior to their event to begin building their customized shuttle schedule. It is important that guest counts and “day of” schedules are as accurate as possible before the shuttle schedule is complete.


The Shuttle – Our shuttles carry a maximum of 14 guests per run. Roundtrip travel times are as follows:

Smoky Mountain Zipline – 15 minutes
Parkside Resort – 15-20 minutes
Hotels on the Parkway – 30-35 minutes 

Multiple shuttles can be requested. Our recommendation is one shuttle for fewer than 90 guests. Two shuttles for 90+ guests.

Covered Patio

We see most of our couples utilize the covered patio space for cocktail hour following their ceremony. It’s a great spot to set up cocktail tables, or even beautiful lounge furniture to give your guest a relaxing place to hang between your ceremony and reception. The other great thing about this covered space is that it gives our couples an additional backup rain plan for smaller groups!